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Housing America's Older Adults 2023


Over the next ten years, the US population over the age of 75 will increase by 45 percent, from 17 million to nearly 25...


Household Liquidity and Macroeconomic Stabilization: Evidence from Mortgage Forbearance

This paper estimates the impact of household liquidity provision on macroeconomic stabilization using the 2020 CARES Act mortgage forbearance program. We leverage intermediation frictions in forbearance induced by mortgage servicers to identify the effect of reducing short-term payments with little change in long-term debt obligations on local labor market outcomes.

Accessory Dwelling Units: Lessons for Massachusetts from Around the Country

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs – small, independent living units that are inside, attached to, or detached but on the same parcel as a primary residence – have the potential to address a variety of housing-related challenges like affordability, equity, and environmental issues. Recognizing this potential, many localities have tried to encourage the construction of more ADUs by changing their zoning codes to remove restrictions that limited homeowners’ ability to build ADUs. More recently, several states have followed suit by changing state laws that govern local zoning to require that localities approve ADUs that meet state standards.

Early-Life Health Impacts of Affordable Housing in Higher-Income Areas: Evidence from Massachusetts Chapter 40B

Desegregation-focused housing policies aimed at reducing disparities in neighborhood conditions may also reduce disparities in health outcomes. This paper examines the effects of one such policy on the health of pregnant people and their newborn infants. Specifically, it studies the impact of Massachusetts Chapter 40B, a major civil rights-era housing policy that increases the supply of affordable ownership and rental housing in higher-income areas to facilitate moves for lower- income households to those areas.


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