Demographics & Projections

Growth in the number of households is the primary driver of housing demand. For over three decades, the Joint Center has documented how underlying demographic shifts—in particular, the growing diversity and changing age structure of the population—shape the type, quantity, quality, and location of housing. Our long-term household growth projections are widely used within the housing industry to analyze future trends in demand.

Reports & Papers

Updated Household Growth Projections: 2018-2028 and 2028-2038

December 18, 2018

Authors: Daniel McCue, kerry-donahue

Homeowner Households and the U.S. Homeownership Rate: Tenure Projections for 2015-2035

December 12, 2016

Authors: Jonathan Spader, Daniel McCue, Christopher Herbert

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Data & Charts


Jonathan Spader

Senior Research Associate

Three Scenarios for Growth in Homeowner and Renter Households

Monday, March 25, 2019

The dramatic decline in the homeownership rate—from a high of 69 percent in 2004 to a low of 63 percent...

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Daniel McCue

Senior Research Associate

Number of U.S. Households Projected to Increase by 12.2 Million in the Next Decade

Thursday, December 20, 2018

According to our new projections, the number of households in the US will grow by 12.2 million between 2018 and...

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