Neighborhood Change

A growing body of research documents the critical importance of neighborhood conditions to residents’ well-being and ability to succeed. Housing initiatives play a central role in strategies to revitalize distressed areas, prevent displacement of low-income residents by gentrification, and mitigate the effects of concentrated poverty. Through a variety research projects and events, our work examines the factors that influence the geographic location of households and contribute to patterns of neighborhood change and residential segregation.

Data & Charts


Maria Atuesta

PhD Candidate in Urban Planning

Building Inclusive Social Housing: Lessons from Bogota

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Around the world, mayors and other urban officials confront significant obstacles when they try to use investments in social housing...

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Michael Stegman

Senior Research Fellow

Eliminating Exclusionary Land Use Regulations Should Be the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Monday, August 19, 2019

Like cicada swarms, presidential commissions and federal initiatives to eliminate local barriers to housing development have a certain temporal cadence....

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