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Nowhere to Live: Profits, Disinvestment, and the American Housing Crisis

In testimony before the Congressional Ways & Means Committee, Dr. Herbert discussed today’s housing market conditions, how we got here, the consequences for the nation’s families and individuals, and what steps are needed to alleviate the country’s worsening housing affordability challenges.

Resident Services Funding & Delivery Models Among Affordable Housing Nonprofits

Resident services utilize housing as a platform to advance the physical, emotional, and financial health of residents. Programs address a range of needs including early childhood and K-12 education, health and well-being, workforce development, food security, long-term supportive housing, tax preparation, and eviction prevention and/or financial capability services. The purpose of this research was to address three primary questions: (1) what are the resident services offered by affordable housing nonprofits, (2) how are these resident services funded, and (3) how are these resident services delivered?

The State of the Nation's Housing 2022

After a record-shattering year in 2021, the housing market is at an inflection point. Higher interest rates have taken some heat out of the homebuying market, and the large number of apartments under construction should bring some relief on the rental side. For lower-income households and households of color, though, the pressure of high housing costs is unlikely to relent.