Site and Shelter: Design for the ‘Whole Landscape’

Charlotte Leib

Master in Landscape Architecture and Master in Design Studies, History and Philosophy of Design

Harvard Graduate School of Design


Improving Rapid Re-Housing in the City of Boston

Subhadra Banda and Nolin Greene

Master in Public Policy

Harvard Kennedy School


Linking Community Participation with Post-Disaster Housing Projects

Maria Ignacia Arrasate

Master in Urban Planning

Harvard Graduate School of Design


Creating a Shared Home: Promising Approaches for Using Shared Housing to Prevent and End Homelessness in Massachusetts

Amanda L. Benton

Master in Public Policy

Kennedy School of Government


Debalkanizing America

Hernan Leandro Garcia

Master of Architecture

Graduate School of Design


The Urban Housing Code – Responding to Immigrant Geographies

Neelima Panoli

Master of Architecture in Urban Design

Graduate School of Design


Residential Dynamics, Neighborhood Quality and Housing Policy: Selection and the Stratification of Poor Minority Families

Holly Michelle Wood

PhD in Sociology

Kennedy School


Beyond Pruitt-Igoe: Examining the Architectural and Sociological Underpinnings that Led to the Demise of Public Housing

Eric McAfee

Master in Design Studies

Graduate School of Design


The Case of Modern Industrial Residential Design and Realistic Innovation in Off-Site Homebuilding

Jonathan Caputo

Master in Design Studies

Graduate School of Design