The State of Housing Design 2023

Editors: Sam Naylor, Daniel D’Oca, Chris Herbert

The State of Housing Design 2023 is the first book in a new series that reviews national trends, ideas, and critical issues as they relate to residential design. This volume examines recently built housing projects of notable design that address issues of affordability, social cohesion, sustainability, aesthetics, density, and urbanism. Through critical essays, visual content, and a crowdsourced survey of responses, it provides both designers and the general public with an overview of the forces at play in contemporary design of housing.



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Table of Contents

More After Less (Sarah M. Whiting)
About This Book (Chris Herbert)
What Is the State of Housing Design? (Daniel D’Oca and Sam Naylor)
A Survey of Housing Design 
Disguised Density (Mimi Zeiger)
Massive Murals 
Three, Four, or Five over One, Sometimes Two 
Working with Water (Timothy Schuler)
Accessory and Additional Units 
Pitching Roofs 
The New Era of Amenity (Nate Berg)
To The Moon and Back (Yard) 
Color Blocking 
Adaptive Renovations (Adele Peters)
Farmhouses and Spaceships 
Collective Capital Stack 
Creating Context (Marianela D’Aprile)
Emergency Villages 
Pre-Approved Plans 
Creative Corridors (Charles Shafaieh)
Get to Zero 
Housing Beyond the Home 
Modular, Panelized, and Pre-Made (Patrick Sisson)
Más Timber! 
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) 
Community-Led Development (Stephen Zacks)
Finally Single (Room Occupancy) 
Small and Skinny (Inga Saffron)
Project Index 
Afterword (Farshid Moussavi)

Cover of the book "The State of Housing Design 2023."