December 09, 2013

America's Rental Housing: Evolving Markets and Needs

Joint Center for Housing Studies

America's Rental Housing: 
Evolving Markets and Needs

Release date: December 9, 2013

Rental housing has always provided a broad choice of homes for people at all phases of life. The recent economic turmoil underscored the many advantages of renting and raised the barriers to homeownership, sparking a surge in demand that has buoyed rental markets across the country. But significant erosion in renter incomes over the past decade has pushed the number of households paying excessive shares of income for housing to record levels. Assistance efforts have failed to keep pace with this escalating need, undermining the nation’s longstanding goal of ensuring decent and affordable housing for all.



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HUD Secretary Keynote

United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan addresses a room full of policy makers in Washington, DC on Dec. 9, 2013 on the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies' release of American's Rental Housing report.

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