Maria Atuesta

Ph.D. candidate, Urban Planning

Examining how the 6 million people displaced by Colombia's 50 years of civil conflict are being housed, particularly in small cities like Granada, and how the influx of these previously rural households is affecting social and political structures in those cities

Jared Schachner

Ph.D. candidate, Sociology & Social Policy

Using Los Angeles County to examine how parents make choices about neighborhoods and schools in an era of liberalized, choice-oriented urban policies, and how those choices affect educational outcomes for children

Adam Travis

Ph.D. candidate, Sociology & Social Policy

Exploring how different coastal real estate markets are responding to global climate change, with a particular focus on the relationship between flood hazards and home prices


Julia Smachylo

Doctor of Design candidate

Benefits, trade-offs, and interactions between forest management property-tax incentive programs, housing policies, and urbanization patterns in the Great Lakes Regions


Jasmin Sandelson

Ph.D., Sociology

Unaccompanied homeless youth

Justin D. Stern

Ph.D. Candidate, Urban Planning and Design

How global outsourcing in the call center industry is affecting urban form and development in Manila and Bangalore

Sophie Q. Wang

Ph.D. Candidate, Economics

How technological innovations, such as AirBnB, are affecting housing markets


Shelagh McCartney

Research Project: Growth Patterns and Emergent Housing Policies in Sao Paolo and Manila


Abdul Baasit Abdul Aziz

What To Do About Slums?