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Buying a home is getting more difficult — and it isn’t just because of price

“I think it’s been a widespread issue that’s not just the high-cost areas,” said Daniel McCue, senior research associate at Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. “It’s very much across the nation.” McCue pointed to Columbus, Ohio, as an example of a place where a historically stable market suddenly began to surge during the Covid pandemic, noting that Columbus had “somewhere around 40% growth in prices between 2021 and 2023 — something that hadn’t been seen in decades.”

Yahoo Finance

The housing market is discouraging big remodeling projects

Abbe Will, the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies' Senior Research Associate & Associate Director of Remodeling Futures, joins Brad Smith on Wealth! to talk the interplay between the state of the US housing market and Americans' willingness to spend on home projects.


Students live alongside seniors at this Minnesota residential facility

We’re talking more about multigenerational communities,” noted Jennifer Molinsky at Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. “And I think that there are a lot of people who want to be surrounded by people of all ages and have those daily interactions, and I do think we are seeing different organizations respond to that.”

The Seattle Times

WA older adults fight isolation by rethinking senior housing

Growing social isolation and skyrocketing housing costs are driving people across the country to look for new ways of living and “mutual support,” said Jennifer Molinsky, director of Harvard’s Housing an Aging Society Program.


'Crisis' Warning Over Housing Market Affordability

Amid a historic housing supply shortage, a new working paper by Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies posits that continuing to build more homes in the suburbs in the hope this will bring down hosing costs in cities may not be effective.


When NIMBYs Got Their Veto Power

In a persuasive new article published by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, the urban historian Jacob Anbinder traces that strange consensus, and the crisis it birthed, to a shift in liberal New York politics in the late 1960s. As the city suffered and the middle class fled, many urban liberals blamed the previous generations’ top down, blunt-instrument housing policies.