Household Projections in Retrospect and Prospect: Lessons Learned and Applied to New 2005-2025 Projections

George Masnick, Eric Belsky

W09-5: NOTE: Since the publication of this report, JCHS Household Growth Projections have been updated with new projections that supersede those found in the paper below.  For the most recent JCHS Household Growth Projections  produced in 2010, Please refer to Working Paper W10-09.

This release of household projections is the tenth set that the Joint Center for Housing Studies has issued over the past three decades. Each prior set of projections were produced to either take advantage of recent information—such as new decennial census data or new Census Bureau population projections, to introduce refinements into the projection methodology, to correct for assumptions that were proven by history to be incorrect, or to broaden the geographic, race/ Hispanic origin, or family status detail in the projections. This release is no exception...