Emerging Models in Residential Real Estate or “How to Lose a Billion Dollars in Real Estate Tech”

Mike DelPrete

The process of buying and selling houses is complex and uncertain, with many opportunities in the market for improvement. Smart entrepreneurs and innovative companies around the world are launching new models fueled by massive amounts of venture capital. This paper covers the major trends that are shaping the industry and the major players gaining market share. The scope is global, because we all have a lot to learn from each other, no matter where we live.

This research paper has been guided by one core question: What are the new models gaining traction that are changing the way people buy and sell residential real estate? This paper focuses on the fastest moving, most influential trends in residential real estate tech across the globe during the last decade. It is a market scan that reports facts, highlights insights, and draws conclusions. It is meant to be representative, not comprehensive; it examines how the new models have evolved over time and which are more likely to achieve long-term profitability.

This paper was presented as part of “Panel 2: How Is Digitalization Changing Investments in Housing?” at the symposium Bringing Digitalization Home: How Can Technology Address Housing Challenges?, hosted by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies in March 2022.