Revised Interim Joint Center Household Projections Based Upon 1.2 Million Annual Net Immigrants

George Masnick, Eric Belsky

NOTE: Since the publication of this report, JCHS Household Growth Projections have been updated with new projections that supersede those found in the paper below.  For the most recent JCHS Household Growth Projections  produced in 2010, Please refer to Working Paper W10-09.

In 2004 the Joint Center for Housing Studies released a set of household projections incorporating the Census Bureau’s then recently released interim population projections that were informed by a baseline population count from the 2000 Census (Research Note N04-1). The purpose of that Research Note was to study the implications of these interim population projections, which incorporated 6.8 million more residents than were previously estimated to be living in the U.S. in 2000, on projected future household growth. At the time that we wrote the 2004 paper we anticipated that we would be able to produce a completely new set of household projections in 2005 when the Census Bureau was scheduled to release an entirely new set of population projections based upon a new methodology and a revised set of demographic assumptions. Consequently, the 2004 Joint Center Research Note presented household projections with limited demographic detail and without a tenure breakdown…