Chichi Anyoku

Master in Public Policy and Master in Business Administration candidate

Chichi Anyoku worked with the Real Estate Transaction Services division of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, assisting with managing, evaluating, and executing real estate development projects and transactions.

Sophie Dover

Master in Public Policy candidate

Sophie Dover worked with Chrysalis, nonprofit in Los Angeles dedicated to creating pathways to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals, to provide strategic support on community engagement as well as on political and media strategy.

Reine Rambert

Master in Public Policy candidate

Reine Rambert worked with Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, an independent public interest law and policy center in Chicago, on advancing innovative solutions to quality of life issues in the region.


Erick Diaz

Master in Public Policy

Erick Diaz worked at the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC) on financial modeling and sensitivity analyses of funding plans for affordable housing projects.

Iueh Soh

Master in Public Policy

Iueh Soh worked at the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics in Boston on projects related to community development and housing in the Chinatown neighborhood.

Camilla Taufic

Master in Public Policy

Camilla Taufic conducted research for Andoma, part of the French housing authority in Paris, on programs that can better support refugees.


Daniel Black

Master in Public Policy

Daniel Black worked on the EveryHome Initiative, a community revitalization effort in Providence, Rhode Island, aimed at bringing blighted and abandoned properties back into use.

Peter Drivas

Master in Public Policy

Peter Drivas interned with the Office of NYC Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen. Deputy Mayor Glen's team is tasked with overseeing City policymaking and operations on areas ranging from affordability, to the built environment, to small business services and workforce development. The majority of his work focused on facets of the de Blasio administration's historic commitment to affordable housing. Peter produced memos and slide decks on topics including employer assisted housing, modular construction, neighborhood rezonings, and ferry service.

Kyle Ofori

Master in Public Policy/Master in Urban Planning

Kyle Ofori worked with the Fitz Forward Revitalization team in Detroit as a liaison between the Fitzgerald community and a real estate development team leading a neighborhood revitalization project in the city. As part of his work with Century Forward, Kyle took part in a wide range of activities. The company was small which allowed the employees to share the responsibility for all aspects of the jobs, from managing properties to preparing a major project with the City of Detroit. During the fellowship, he did everything from delivering keys to a contractor to writing an article for Vice Impact. He watched and participated in discussions on a huge range of topics: financial literacy, renter displacement, public-private partnerships, and the Wonder Woman movie.