Anna Carlsson

Master in Urban Planning and Juris Doctorate student

Anna Carlsson researched community land trusts as part of NeighborWorks® America's new Shared Equity Housing Initiative.

Erick Diaz

Master in Urban Planning student

Erick Diaz researched how policy-level tools can maximize affordable housing units at the California Housing Partnership.

Hangsoo Jeong

Master in Architecture student

Hangsoo Jeong worked with the Boston Planning & Development Agency on projects designed to enhance urban resilience.

Emily Klein

Master in Urban Planning student

Emily Klein worked at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s Inclusionary Housing Unit on projects to better track, analyze, and communicate information related to the city’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program.

Kyle Miller

Master in Urban Planning and Master of Public Health student

Kyle Miller worked with the Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness in Boston to research and conduct data analysis on state initiatives addressing youth homelessness.

Samantha Saona

Master in Design Studies, Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology student

Samantha Saona worked with the Urbanism and Infrastructure department of Corporación del Proyecto ENLACE in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on housing relocation for families affected by flooding, as well as the development of a new Infrastructural Master Plan for the Caño Martín Peña area.

Isaac Stein

Master in Landscape Architecture and Master in Design student

Isaac Stein worked with ReBuild Metro in Baltimore to study and analyze development potential for the Johnston Square neighborhood.


Maura Barry-Garland

Master in Urban Planning

Maura Barry-Garland worked on three affordable housing projects being carried out by the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation.

Gloria Chang

Master in Architecture and Master in Design Studies (Risk and Resilience Concentration)

Gloria Chang worked at the U.S. Naval War College's Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Program in Newport, Rhode Island.

Francisco Colom

Master in Design Studies (Critical Conservation Concentration)

Francisco Colom worked at the MASS Design Group, a non-profit in Boston that aims to research, build, and advocate for architecture that promotes justice and human dignity.

Katie Gourley

Master in Urban Planning

Katie Gourley worked at the Mayor's Internship Program in Philadelphia on Rebuild Philadelphia, a $500 million program to revitalize the city's neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries.

Christin Hu

Master in Landscape Architecture

Christin Hu worked as a designer at YouthBuild Boston, a non-profit that provides underserved young people with the support and credentials needed to successfully enter the building trades.

Maria de la Luz Lobos Martinez

Master in Landscape Architecture

Maria de la Luz Lobos Martinez worked with the Livable Streets Alliance and the Southwest Boston CDC on the Emerald Necklace Initiative, which aims to enhance connectivity and walkability and improve access to the Neponset River in Boston's Hyde Park and Roslindale neighborhoods.

Emma Phillips

Master in Urban Planning

Emma Phillips helped design a new urban garden for the Garden School Foundation, which offers garden-based learning in outdoor living classrooms for underserved youth in Los Angeles.

Gabriel Ramos

Master in Urban Planning

Gabriel Ramos worked at the Africatown Preservation & Development Association, a Seattle-based non-profit that is developing strategies for documenting and preserving the African American presence in that city's Central District and surrounding communities.

Juan Reynoso

Master in Urban Planning

Juan Reynoso worked on housing-related issues in the Office of California Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego).

Chandra Rouse

Master in Urban Planning

Chandra Rouse worked as an Economic Development Intern with the South East Chicago Commission, a community-based organization focused on enhancing the quality of life in five of that city's neighborhoods.


Matt Genova

Master in Urban Planning

Matt Genova assisted with several projects around the implementation of nMotion, Nashville's, 25-year transportation plan.

Miriam Keller

Master in Urban Planning

Miriam Keller assisted the National Low Income Housing Coalition in Washington, DC on efforts to educate federal lawmakers about housing needs and efforts to analyze and shape policy proposals.

Casey Peterson

Master in Urban Planning

Casey Peterson worked at the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) in the Waterfront & Open Space Division where she conducted an extensive analysis of New York City's current and future floodplain, taking stock of the various building typologies and land uses along the waterfront. This data will be used by DCP as the agency engages community boards across the city in the process of updating the zoning text for the floodplain. In conducting this research, she enhanced her skills in GIS and Excel and gained an appreciation for the rigor DCP applies to its research. During the course of the internship, Casey also assisted in producing graphic materials for community zoning workshops and for City of Water Day, an annual event hosted by the Waterfront Alliance.

Leah Pickett

Master in Urban Planning

Leah Pickett worked at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development's (HPD) Division of Property Disposition and Finance. As an intern with the Director of Land Disposition, Leah worked on a disposition strategy for a portfolio of HPD owned properties. In particular, she researched the viability of the community land trust (CLT) model. She approached this question from a few different angles: working on underwriting models, researching CLT best practices and case studies around the United States, and helping to identify and address persistent strategic questions within HPD. Ultimately, she produced a memo on the "value add" of CLTs and supported the development of a CLT framework for the City of New York.

Claire Summers

Master in Urban Planning

Claire Summers worked in Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development on a variety projects, including research and identification of potential locations for non-profit development of affordable housing.

Katherine Wolf

Master in Urban Planning

Katherine Wolf worked with the Boston Planning & Development Agency on recent initiatives in the Glover’s Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. Kate worked with the Community Planning Team on the recent launch of the Glover's Corner Study Area, known as PLAN: Glover's Corner. She was tasked with designing and a community engagement activity for an upcoming public meeting, and creating a summary of "progress-to-date" to update residents on what had been accomplished in terms of the planning timeline. Kate also produced a white paper including precedent research on climate resiliency, specifically surface stormwater conveyance as public open space. This research was adapted to a slide presentation to be used at a fall community public meeting.

Jessica Yuan

Master in Architecture I

Jessica Yuan worked with the Construction Open Space group at Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development on several projects including updating research on housing typologies for affordable housing developments. She worked on a few projects, including several presentations for community meeetings, design reviews for ongoing projects, revisions of the department's prototype houses, and research and graphics for guidelines and policies. She aided in ongoing revisions to the department's Design Guidelines, and produced a final document which incorporates best practices for unit layouts and kitchens. Jessica also worked with a Housing Innovation Lab fellow, Riddhi Shah, on producing unit layout graphics for a proposed microunit policy. She collaborated on the design guidelines for the policy, basing them off of existing DND guidelines. She also helped with the Neighborhood Homes Initiative (NHI), which uses a set of prototype homes for infill development on city owned lots. Jessica contributed several revisions to these prototypes, as well as reviewed permit drawings for ongoing NHI projects. Her design work also included creating a preliminary site strategy for a large set of parcels in Mattapan, a project which was a collaboration with two interns from the Real Estate Management and Sales team.