What Housing Finance Can and Can’t Do to Increase Homeownership

Location: Gund Hall, Room 112 (Stubbins)

Speaker(s): Don Layton

Homeownership is viewed by policymakers across the political spectrum as a core measure of how well the US socioeconomic system is doing at providing a good quality of life for the typical family. Unfortunately, the current homeownership rate of 65 percent is no higher than it was a half-century ago. In this talk, Don Layton, former CEO of Freddie Mac and a Senior Industry Fellow at the Center, will discuss the history of the homeownership rate, its decades-long stagnation, and his proposals to increase the rate through well-targeted and sizeable subsidies, including the likely impact on longstanding racial homeownership gaps.

This event is IN-PERSON ONLY.

Don Layton engaged in conversation.