The Local Impacts of Global Outsourcing: Business Process Outsourcing, Urban Restructuring, and the Scrambling of Time in the Philippines

Location: One Bow St, 4th Floor

Today, cities are no longer constrained by local time zones. For millions of people in the Philippines, the work day now happens at night, due to changing patterns of labor caused by globalization. What are the local implications of this nocturnalization of work? In this talk, Justin Stern, a post-doctoral fellow at the GSD and a former Meyer Doctoral Fellow at the Joint Center, discusses how the rapid growth of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is driving key changes to urban environments. These changes, Stern contends, involve a new type of urban agglomeration, one in which issues of time – and the specific time zone(s) served – shape the organization of physical space (including housing), and influence urban design and planning practices.

Bring your lunch, dessert provided.

This event is part of our Housing Research Seminar Series, which are held on Fridays at lunchtime, during the academic year, and are livestreamed on Twitter. Watch the video.