Improving America's Housing 2023

Location: Virtual

Speaker(s): Jane Dzielski, Jessica Granderson, Carlos Martín, Ruth Ann Norton, Keith Rozolis, Abbe Will

Sparked by pandemic-induced changes in household routines and use of living space, home improvement and repair spending soared to new heights in 2022, reaching an estimated $567 billion, according to our new Improving America's Housing 2023 report. Despite this enormous investment, the nation’s homes are aging and in growing need of major replacements, such as roofing, windows, and HVAC systems. For many older and lower-income homeowners, the burden of high improvement and repair costs threaten their health and safety, as well as the preservation of affordable housing. While the boom in home remodeling activity is expected to slow from its breakneck pace in the near term, modifying homes to better prepare against disasters, improve energy efficiency, and meet the accessibility needs of an aging population should support longer-term growth in the remodeling market.

Join us for the release of our biennial report, Improving America's Housing 2023.


  • Jane Dzielski, Principal Analytical Lead, Google (Moderator)
  • Jessica Granderson, Interim Division Director, Building Technology & Urban Systems Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Carlos Martín, Project Director, Remodeling Futures Program, Harvard JCHS 
  • Ruth Ann Norton, President & CEO, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative 
  • Keith Rozolis, President & CEO, ABC Supply 

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Improving America's Housing 2023