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“Power to the Neighborhoods!”: New York City Growth Politics, Neighborhood Liberalism, and the Origins of the Modern Housing Crisis

Around 1970, an unprecedented movement emerged across major American cities calling for returning control of urban government to the neighborhood level. Using New York City as a case study, this white paper shows how this new “neighborhood liberalism” reordered the priorities that urban liberals expected of their elected officials and, in so doing, remade American cities to a degree that scholars are only beginning to understand.

Back to the suburbs? Millennial residential locations from the Great Recession to the pandemic

In the past decade, there has been a great deal of attention paid to and speculation about the residential mobility and location decisions of millennials. Academics and practitioners alike have been trying to determine where millennials are moving and why, including whether they are leading a ‘back to the city’ movement or whether they are moving to the suburbs as previous generations did at their age. Using US Census data, this article examines the geographical population distribution of young adults in the USA in recent decades.


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