Research Notes

Projecting Home Improvement Spending at the Metropolitan Area Level

Projecting Home Improvement Spending at the Metropolitan Area Level

Author: Elizabeth La Jeunesse | September 04, 2018

While the Joint Center produces regular projections of home remodeling and repair activity at the national level, new analysis of the American Housing Surveys (AHS) suggests that the timing and depth of residential remodeling market cycles vary considerably by geographic location. ...

Re-Benchmarking the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity

Re-Benchmarking the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity

Author: Abbe Will | April 21, 2016

Since 2007, the Joint Center for Housing Studies has projected short-term trends in home remodeling activity with its quarterly Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity...

Re-Weighting the Number of Households Undertaking Home Improvements in the 2013 American Housing Survey to Correct for Shifting Data Collection Periods

Author: Abbe Will | May 15, 2015

N15-1: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsors a biennial longitudinal survey of the U.S. housing stock and its inhabitants known as the American Housing Survey (AHS)....

Home Improvement Spending on Distressed Properties: 2011 Estimates

Author: Elizabeth La Jeunesse | January 31, 2013

N13-1: In recent years, the number of distressed residential properties in the U.S....

Estimating National Levels of Home Improvement and Repair Spending by Rental Property Owners

Author: Abbe Will | October 01, 2010

After many years of rapid expansion, national expenditures for home improvements and maintenance and repairs topped $325 billion in 2007 according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies’ market size estimates....

Addendum to W07-7: The Impact of JCHS 2009 Household Growth Estimates on Long-Term Demand Projections for 2010-2020

Author: Daniel McCue | March 01, 2010

The methodology presented in working paper W07-7 is not a forecast. Instead, it is an estimate of underlying demand for new housing units over the next several years if long-term trends hold....

Addendum to W07-7: Using Long-Term Demand Projections to Estimate Short-Term Market Imbalances

Author: Daniel McCue | May 01, 2009

NOTE: Since the publication of this report, JCHS Household Growth Projections have been updated with new projections that supersede those found in the paper below....

Subprime Lending and the Community Reinvestment Act

Author: Kevin Park | November 01, 2008

There are many causes to the collapse of the housing market and the recent financial turmoil, but the contribution of the CRA appears marginal. ...