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HUD/FHA-Insured Homeowners and Properties in End-Stage Default and Foreclosure: National Context and Experiences in Massachusetts

Author: Rachel Bratt | June 30, 2020

These briefs offer insights about HUD’s regulations and procedures concerning mortgages near foreclosure/end-stage default following the Great Recession. They were written just before the coronavirus hit the US. With many people unable to make their mortgage payments due to COVID-19-related income loss, loan defaults and foreclosures will likely increase. This analysis may be of value as policymakers craft responses to this latest economic crisis....

Homeownership Experiences Following Criminal Justice Contact

Author: Brielle Bryan | December 09, 2019

Recent work has highlighted the significance of incarceration for wealth accrual and black-white gaps in homeownership, but the monetary sanctions and disruptions to employment that often accompany even low-level criminal justice contact may also have important consequences for individual homeownership and racial disparities in homeownership. Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997, this paper considers the potential of a broad variety of criminal justice system interactions to shape homeownership experiences among young adults. ...

Mortgage Journeys: A Video Ethnography of the Homebuying and Mortgage Process

Authors: Anna Jefferson, Hannah Thomas | November 26, 2019

Prior research suggests that comparison shopping for mortgages when purchasing a home helps secure a lower interest rate. Yet we have only limited data about the mortgage shopping behaviors of lower- and moderate-income (LMI) homebuyers and how those behaviors may influence mortgage outcomes. This paper presents new ethnographic data about how LMI first-time homebuyers access information and how that information shapes their mortgage shopping in three phases of the homebuying process....

Shared Equity Housing: A Review of Existing Literature

Author: Anna Carlsson | November 21, 2019

This literature review provides an overview of existing literature on the topic of shared equity housing programs in the U.S. It seeks to identify common elements, benefits, and drawbacks of four shared equity housing models: community land trusts, limited-equity housing cooperatives, deed restriction programs, and resident-owned communities....

Exit from Homeownership by Low-Income Households

Author: Jeffrey Zabel | November 12, 2019

One of the justifications for federal involvement in the homeownership market is that it provides one of the few ways that low-income households can accumulate wealth. But this did not happen over the past couple of decades. This paper explores one explanation for this outcome, the relatively high likelihood of a change in tenure from owning to renting that was brought upon by the recent downturn in the housing market the precipitated the Great Recession. ...

Institutions and Geographic Concentration in VA Mortgage Lending

Authors: Kerry Spitzer, Lauren Lambie-Hanson | November 06, 2019

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) home loan guaranty program lowers the cost of homeownership for veterans and their families by removing the barriers of a down payment and private mortgage insurance. Even with the recent growth in the program and the attractive terms, many veteran homeowners have not used it. As a consequence, some areas of the country with large numbers of veterans have disproportionately few VA loan originations, even after controlling for area housing market conditions. ...