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Tenure and Location Choice among Hispanic Households

Author: Rocio Sanchez-Moyano | October 10, 2019

Persistently large gaps in homeownership between whites and Hispanics are a major contributor to wealth inequality. This article considers whether Hispanics and whites are becoming homeowners in different types of neighborhoods, introducing an understudied potential driver of homeownership and wealth inequality. ...

Food Insecurity among Older Adults in the US: The Role of Mortgage Borrowing

Authors: Stephanie Moulton, Cäzilia Loibl, Donald Haurin, Chrisse Edmunds | September 20, 2019

As of 2016, close to 10 million older adults faced the threat of hunger in the US, constituting an urgent food policy issue. For older adults, heterogeneity in household wealth is even more important than income in predicting whether or not a household is food insecure....

The American Dream or Just an Illusion? Understanding Land Contract Trends in the Midwest Pre- and Post-Crisis

Authors: Ann Carpenter, Taz George, Lisa Nelson | August 29, 2019

This paper examines contract for deed activity across six Midwestern states to improve our understanding of this market and the places in which this activity occurs....

The Shifting Profile of First-Time Homebuyers: 1997-2017

Authors: Shannon Rieger, Jonathan Spader, Sean Veal | August 21, 2019

Who are recent first-time homebuyers? What kinds of homes do they buy? And have the answers to these questions changed over time in response to demographic and economic shifts? These questions garner substantial media attention, but the availability of nationally representative data on the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of first-time homebuyers and the physical attributes of their homes is limited. ...

How Do Mortgage Refinances Affect Debt, Default, and Spending? Evidence from HARP

Authors: Joshua Abel, Andreas Fuster | May 15, 2019

This paper seeks to refine our understanding of how refinancing a mortgage affects household outcomes. This issue has attracted particular attention in the wake of the Great Recession, however, there is still not much clean evidence on the causal effects of refinancing on borrower outcomes, nor on the heterogeneity of these effects across different borrower types....

Strategies for Sustainable Growth in Community Land Trusts

Author: Aneliese Palmer | April 22, 2019

While there has been significant research on the formation and impact of Community Land Trusts (CLT), less has been written on either the obstacles that have stymied the growth of existing CLTs or the strategies used by the handful of CLT leaders who have significantly expanded their group’s housing portfolios....