October 01, 2000

Updating and Extending the Joint Center Household Projections

George Masnick, Zhu Xiao Di

This working paper updates the previous household projections reported in Masnick et. al. (1996), and should be read as a companion piece to the 1996 working paper. These revisions to the previous household projections are based on the United States Census Bureau’s latest round of national population projections released in January 2000, and also incorporate more recent trends in household formation through 1999. The projections reported here go to the year 2020, compared to 2010 in the previous series. In addition, for the first time, the projections are produced in two ways. Similar to previous projections, a series driven by total resident population projections using average household headship rates projected by age and family type are presented. In addition, households projections are made separately for four race/Hispanic origin groups using the same overall methodology. These sub-group projections are reported separately and then aggregated to what are called a “bottom-up” series, with the series based on the total resident population projections referred to as “top-down.” Lastly, for the first time, projections of tenure-choice based on the topdown series are released…

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